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I just found a super smart gist from David Wells that's worth bookmarking.

David uses a JavaScript Proxy to map object properties to fetch calls.

This approach works quite nice for querying RESTful APIs. maps to /cars/ and'123') maps to /cars/123/. 👏

// Found at
const createApi = (url) => {
  return new Proxy({}, {
    get(target, key) {
      return async function(id = "") {
        const response = await fetch(`${url}/${key}/${id}`)
        if (response.ok) {
          return response.json();
        return Promise.resolve({ error: "Malformed Request" })

let api = createApi("")

// 'get' request to
let people = await api.people()

// 'get' request to
let person = await api.people(1)

What a great little trick! 💯

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