• Monthly digest – February 2018

    I'm a little late with this monthly digest but February is just too short... so, here we go!

  • Monthly digest – January 2018

    Hello everybody! 👋🏻

    You might remember my "This month I learned" series in which I shared articles that I posted in... surprise... my "Today I learned" section. I decided to change the format a little bit and also include other great things that I read or discovered. So here we go!

  • How to write reusable sane API-based Preact, React or Vue.js components using the Render Props pattern

    Iplay around with JavaScript SDKs a lot. And most of my projects make use of the Contentful SDK and the Contentful content infrastructure to pull in content from editors and non-technical people into my applications. It doesn't matter if I'm dealing with edited content or GitHub statistics, almost every dataset is available to me via API endpoints. Those datasets then go into my React, Preact or Vue.js applications.

    Up until today I hadn't figured out the best way to work with API data in a component-driven world. But you know what — now I know.

  • This month I learned - December 2017

    It's shorty before the new years party with my friends and I thought I could finish this year with a last "This month I learned post".

    I have to say it was a crazy, intense and wonderful year. In February I started my "Today I learned" series and wrote 48 TIL posts. 😲 I spoke at 21 events, visited 13 countries including the United States, Australia and New Zealand and most importantly I met an uncountable number of wonderful people!

    I want to say a big THANK YOU to all the lovely people that I had good conversations with, that listened to me while I was struggling in the new field of developer relations and that made me always feel welcome! ❤️❤️❤️

  • This month I learned - November 2017

    Winter's coming (oh noooo!) and my highlight this month was definitely that I participated in Inclusive Design 24 which is a 24-hour online event only dealing with accessibility and inclusive design. So far I only made it to watch a few talk videos but it was definitely a great event with a lot of good content.

    Apart from that, I dealt with timezones for a project and these are always "fun"... I learned something that still puzzles me. Timezones are not always described with full hours. There is e.g. Indian Standard Time (UTC+05:30) and or the Nepal Time Zone (UTC+05:45). What? 🤣

    Anyways... this month I had four learnings covering a format called MHTML, git and focus handling. Enjoy!