• This month I learned - November 2017

    Winter's coming (oh noooo!) and my highlight this month was definitely that I participated in Inclusive Design 24 which is a 24-hour online event only dealing with accessibility and inclusive design. So far I only made it to watch a few talk videos but it was definitely a great event with a lot of good content.

    Apart from that, I dealt with timezones for a project and these are always "fun"... I learned something that still puzzles me. Timezones are not always described with full hours. There is e.g. Indian Standard Time (UTC+05:30) and or the Nepal Time Zone (UTC+05:45). What? 🤣

    Anyways... this month I had four learnings covering a format called MHTML, git and focus handling. Enjoy!

  • This month I learned - October 2017

    October has been a very busy month for me. I spoke at five events including RuhrJS and JSConf Budapest and oh well... I had such an excellent time with wonderful people. 😊 Thanks everybody!

    That said I hadn't had much time to read all the things that flodded my inbox but I think that's okay. At least I made it up to three learnings in October. Enjoy!

  • A love letter to a JS component-ready content management system

    It doesn’t matter which JavaScript framework you prefer because there’s one thing they all have in common—they’re all component based. Bigger applications are combinations of hundreds, if not thousands, of JavaScript components.

    But even though this is great from a technical perspective, I always struggle to make this principle clear to non-technical people. To explain the component movement to the people that fill the applications that I build with data and content was always very hard–until last year when I found out about Contentful.

  • Creating UI extensions with Contentful

    Did you know that there’s an easy way to extend the Contentful UI? This blog post will show you how simple it is to create custom UI extensions.

    Building a product that everyone likes is hard. This is especially true in the world of content management—and that’s mainly because different content types require different types of interfaces to look their best.

    While we work hard to provide you with the best UI possible, we don’t always know what your use cases are. This is where UI extensions come into play.

  • This month I learned - September 2017

    Whooop whooop! 🎉 Another month is over and, oh well... it was a very busy month. I've given a new talk on the great combination of JS components and structured content in Stockholm, met a bunch of great people and was working on a new project which hopefully will be published soon. ;)

    And of course, I kept track of my learnings and web dev findings. So here we go!