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This post is part of my Today I learned series in which I share all my web development learnings.

Today, I came across this Twitter thread by Corey Ginnivan in which he shared a bunch of tips and tricks about macOS screenshotting. If you want to learn more and see how you can screenshot more productive, you should check it out!

This quick post is only about the fact that you can change the image format of screenshots, though. (so that I won't forget)

Now and then, I want to use a screenshot on a website. MacOS uses png as default image format, and due to png's lossless nature and its big file size, it is not always the best option. My flow was then to open the png and convert it to a jpg to save some bytes. It was not great!

Corey shared that to change the output format of the macOS screenshot tool to you can run the following command in your terminal.

defaults write type -string "jpg"

According to the tweet, the following formats are supported: png, bmp, gif, jpg, pdf, tiff. Awesome! 🎉

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