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Newsletter that I don't miss to open.

❀️ My favorite newsletters

  1. Web Platform News – Ε ime Vidas does an incredible job on finding and researching new (and old features) of the web platform.
  2. Weekend Reading by Assaf Arkin – Assaf collects a random bunch of interesting and useful tweets/articles/... round about the web. It's always fun and I'm always looking forward to it on Sunday!
  3. software lead weekly – Oren Ellenbogen curates a great newsletter including "people topics" in software development. Highly recommended even if you're not in a leading position.

πŸŽ‰ Great newsletters


Podcasts I definitely listen to.

❀️ My favorite podcasts

  1. Soft Skills Engineering – Dave Smith and Jamison Dance do a great job talking about the social side of being a developer. They discuss problems in tech that don't relate to code in a very funny and informative way.
  2. Darknet Diaries – Jack Rhysider present scary and fascinating stories all around the internet. Every episode is well researched and thrilling!
  3. Reply all – PJ Vogt and Alex Goldman tell stories all around the internet. Very entertaining!

πŸŽ‰ Great podcasts