Staying up to date

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❤️ My favorite newsletters

  1. Web Platform News – Šime Vidas does an incredible job on finding and researching new (and old features) of the web platform. The newsletter is currenlty only available for supporters of Web Platform Daily (it's 6€ per month) but I highly recommend it! I don't want to miss the great technical research Šime sends to my inbox.
  2. a11y weekly – I'm really interested in accessibility these days and I'm reading almost every article that is listed in this newsletter.
  3. Web Development Reading List – Anselm Hannemann curates a nice list of articles that cover web technologies and more. I really enjoy this one!

🎉 Great newsletters




❤️ My favorite podcasts

  1. Soft Skills Engineering – Dave Smith and Jamison Dance do a great job talking about the social side of being a developer. They discuss problems in tech that don't relate to code in a very funny and informative way.
  2. Reactive – Kahlil Lechelt, Raquel Vélez and Henning Glatter-Götz simply chat about tech news and what happens in the "internetz".
  3. Request for commits – Nadia Eghbal and Mikeal Rogers explore different perspectives in open source sustainability. It's all about the human side of code.

🎉 Great podcasts