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Today I came across a fascinating post written by Bramus. Bramus often writes quick posts linking to resources. If you're using RSS, you should subscribe to his blog!

I don't want to repeat and duplicate his post and only archive the resources for myself if I want to find them in the future. So here's the gist!

The w3c launched a new working group that's dealing with "MiniApps". As far as I understand, Miniapps are apps that are embedded in other applications (super apps such as WeChat and Baidu) and they're very popular in the Chinese market.

Cover slides: Learning from Mini Apps by Thomas Steiner

If you want to learn more, have a look at the article Learning from Mini Apps—W3C TPAC Breakout Session from Thomas Steiner. It includes slides, a recording and more materials.

It's fascinating to see a completely new ecosystem evolve!

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