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This post is a note that includes my thoughts about something I found online. Check it out yourself!

How often do you map over an array to "promisify it" to then use it with Promise.all? I do that all the time! It took me until now to realize that using Promise.all annoys me.

There should be a quicker way baked into JavaScript to handle sets of promises! Today, I learned that the "await.ops" proposal aims to make us type less Promise. code by providing methods such as await.all and await.race. That's exciting!

// before – So! Much! Typing!
await Promise.all( x => fetchProfile(

// after – much better!
await.all x => fetchProfile(

Let's hope the proposal makes it through the ECMAscript process (it's on stage 1 right now), because await.all will be one of my favorite JavaScript additions!

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