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Hello everybody! 👋

Oh my... last month I visited San Francisco for the first time and helped to organize the Global Diversity CFP Day here in Berlin. Additionally, I'm onboarding a new job... life is interesting. All these things lead to a slight delay in this newsletter, but here we go!

Let's dive into my favorite content of February!

# What happens when you block the internet giants from your life

Amazon, Google, and co. get more influence every day. Kashmir Hill took the journey and blocked all of them. A fascinating read that may make you realize how much we all depend on these tech giants.

# I built a thing!

In case you're a Netlify user I released netlify-menubar which lets you monitor your static sites and trigger builds right from the MacOS menubar. I use it for two months now and I don't want to miss it anymore.

# This month I learned

# divs are valid elements inside of a description list

This learning was a big one for me as I'm a big believer in semantic markup. I use description lists whenever possible. Unfortunately, these were very hard to style. As we have grid and flex today, it's not as bad anymore, but I struggled a lot with the styling in the past. I learned that div elements are valid inside of description lists!

# A deep-dive into promise resolution with objects including a then property

I saw some interesting tweets about dynamic imports in JavaScript, started reading GitHub issues and ended diving deep into the ECMAScript spec. I learned that promises could have surprising behavior when you resolve them with objects including a then property. After eight years of writing JavaScript, I feel like I understand promises way better today!

# The read of the month

Sara Wachter-Boettcher wrote an article that profoundly resonates with me. A few days ago, when mentoring the new speakers of the future at the Global Diversity CFP Day, I heard the question "What do I have to say?" a lot. I struggle with that myself... The thing is – everybody knows something someone else does not know. Sara encourages us all to share what we know and learn.

# The podcast of the month

I listen to a lot of podcasts, and this month the story of the HackerGiraffe was published by Darknet Diaries. It was a fascinating story about the security of the internet (check your printers!!!) and what short-time fame can do to your life.

# A quote to think about

I always struggle with "being too busy" because I want to do too many things. There is always something to build. There is always something to read. And while these things are not necessarily dreams, I try to let go of certain things to have a healthier life.

If Your Dreams Don't Serve You, Let Them Go.

# A song that makes you stop working

My favorite singer-songwriter Lucy Rose released a new song. I can't wait to see her in March. What shall I say – "Solo" appeared in my Spotify playlist and I had to stop doing everything!


And that's it for the beginning of March. Talk to you in 25 days! Hopefully... 🤞

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