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Today I saw a quick Twitter conversation about service workers. The question was how to uninstall all registered service workers in Chrome.

It turns out that there is one Chrome-specific URL that shows all installed Service Workers – chrome://serviceworker-internals/. It lists service worker internals such as installation status, the running script and the service worker scope.

Registration ID: 0 (unregistered)
Navigation preload enabled: false
Navigation preload header length: 4
Active worker:
Installation Status: ACTIVATED
Running Status: RUNNING
Fetch handler existence: EXISTS
Version ID: 111
Renderer process ID: 68693
Renderer thread ID: 19
DevTools agent route ID: 52
ID: fcf2a23e-9af3-4001-b196-c942340be16a

The page also includes actions for every service worker and unregister is one of these.

Ingvar Stepayan advised that you can quickly run a single JS command in the console to get rid of them all.

$$('.unregister').forEach(b =>

It's good to know that this page exists. :)

Overview page of chrome://serviceworker-internals/ with open JS Console

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