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Last week I shared a #devsheet covering the CSS width properties min-content, max-content, and fit-content. I recommend having a look if you're not familiar with these CSS properties.

While reading about these underused properties, I discovered a neat pattern to build a centered navigation bar on CSS-Tricks.

The pattern uses fit-content to make the navigation take the exact amount of space to fit in all entries. The list container is then moved into the horizontal center using margin: 1em auto;.

ul {
  background: deepskyblue;
  padding: 1em;
  /* try to give the list as much space as needed */
  width: -webkit-fit-content;
  width: -moz-fit-content;
  width: fit-content;
  /* move the container to the center on the X-axis */
  margin: 1em auto;

li {
  display: inline-block;
  background: tomato;
  padding: .5em;

If you tried to give a centered navigation bar the exact fitting width paired with a background or border color, you might have already lost some hair on this problem.

Using fit-content is a beautiful solution, and I'm sure I'll reuse this pattern repeatedly in the future!

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