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Recently I gave a talk about topics I deeply care about. The talk title is Decrease your conversion – common ways to lock people out and it describes the fact that companies spend a lot of time on optimizing tiny things ignoring the fact that there are more factors to a successful product than button colors, perfect wording and features. What I'm talking about are web performance, inclusive design and accessibility.

In the research phase for this talk I collected many many links covering a wide range of accessibility topics and not every link made it into the slidedeck. Nevertheless I believe that this resource collection is worth sharing. So here we go. 🎉

The list is grouped by topic (which is not always so easy) and in no particular order.

Side note: I'll try to extend this list and keep it up to date in the future. Also I'm not guaranteeing any correctness of the following material.

# Newsletters

# General

# The lang attribute


# Icon fonts

# Accessibility courses

# Contrast ratio and colors

# Dislexia

# ARIA support and usage

# Focus handling

# Accessible components

# Semantic markup

# CSS layouts

# WCAG - Web community accessibility guidelines

# Settlements and lawsuits

# Assistive technology

# Animation

# Tooling

# Testing

# Experience report

# Evangelism

# Statistics

# Single page apps

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