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Today I came across the lengthy article The Ugly Side of React Hooks written by Nir Yosef (Medium shows a reading time of 14min 🙈), and the title says it all.

Paragraph screenshot of "The ugly side of React Hooks": "In this post, I will share my own point of view about React Hooks, and as the title of this post implies, I am not a big fan."

I'm not working on big React projects that involve developers other than myself. But I have to say; I am enjoying React Hooks a lot. Setting up a quick boolean attribute in a functional component using useState is very convenient!

In his article, Nir makes some excellent points about readability, maintainability and predictability when writing large-scale applications based on React Hooks.

In my opinion, his standpoint is a bit too dark, but it's like always – it depends on what you're building. Nevertheless, I recommend giving it a read. Maybe it'll change your position on the Classes vs. Hooks debate; it did for me (a bit).

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