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Greetings! 👋

If you discovered this page, you're part of the few Firefox desktop users out there (market share is only 4% right now) and wondered how my blog posts' minimaps are made.

Firefox is the only browser that supports the fancy element() CSS function (with a vendor prefix, but hey 🤷‍♂️). The function allows you to display images of arbitrary HTML elements on your page! And the best thing is: it's live! Try selecting some text or scroll around to see lazy-loaded images kicking in. It's magic!

The CSS to define another HTML element as background image is the following:

mini-map .screen-image .canvas {
  background: white -moz-element(#main) no-repeat scroll center center / contain;

There's also some JavaScript to move the minimap's current viewport box, but the CSS one-liner is responsible for painting another DOM node. Use -moz-element and call it a day!

And with that, keep rocking (and using Firefox)!