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This post is part of my Today I learned series in which I share all my web development learnings.

I love that even after writing HTML for such a long time, there's always something new to discover. #htmlIsNotEasy

Today I learned that HTML table cells support a headers attribute. I haven't seen that one before!

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Stefan Judis @stefanjudis
TIL there's a `headers` HTML attribute that you can to make cells spanning across columns more accessible. 😲

Read more on @aardrian's blog. πŸ‘‡… A graphic showing how a cell is connected to two header cells using the `headers` attribute.
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I rarely use tables because I usually don't deal with tabular data. But suppose you're building complex tables with cells spanning multiple columns or rows. In that case, you can use headers to define which table header elements are connected to the particular table cell.

Here are some resources to read more about it:

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