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I love it when developers take things into their own hands to fix products and websites. Let me share today's edition of "Developers fix things":

Scribe improves Medium's reading experience. But what's wrong with Medium?

The main thing bugging me is that Medium will block and paywall articles at the end of each month because I reached my free allowance (you can work around it by opening the post in an incognito window, but yeah... 🤷‍♂️).

Also, Medium websites are heavy! Reading 700 words can easily cost you three hefty Megabytes worth of fonts and JavaScript. And of course, Medium watches and tracks your entire journey. It's not great!

If these points are bugging you, replace in a Medium blog post URL with and enjoy a lightweight reading experience. It's beautiful.

Comparison of Medium and showing that loads a tenth of what medium loads.

And the best thing, if you want to avoid opening Medium at all, Scribe also offers documentation on how to enable automatic browser redirects, which is delightful!

Sergej Brazdeikis pointed out that Scribe's service is probably illegal, and Medium will shut it down once they notice it. That could be, but I'll avoid Medium and will only consume the juicy content until then. 🤷‍♂️

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