Hey there! 👋

In case you're considering to let me speak at your event you probably need some information. First of all, I'm really happy about any invitation to speak somewhere... so thank you!

You can find slides and recordings of my recent talks in the speak section.

But here we go with some basic information:

Short bio

Stefan started programming 7 years ago and quickly fell in love with web performance, new technologies, and accessibility.

He worked for several startups in Berlin and is now with Contentful to tell the world how an API-first CMS can make you a bit happier.

He is also a curator of the web performance online resource Perf Tooling, organizer of the Web Performance Meetup Berlin, contributes to a variety of open source projects and enjoys sharing nerdy discoveries.

Favorite talk topics
Accessibility, New Browser APIs, Web Performance, Web Standards
Past talks
Technical equipment
  • MacBook Pro with Thunderbold and HDMI port
  • Logitec Clicker
Additional info
  • Headset is preferred over a handheld microphone
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