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  • Monthly digest – January 2018

    Hello everybody! 👋🏻

    You might remember my "This month I learned" series in which I shared articles that I posted in... surprise... my "Today I learned" section. I decided to change the format a little bit and also include other great things that I read or discovered. So here we go!

  • This month I learned - November 2017

    Winter's coming (oh noooo!) and my highlight this month was definitely that I participated in Inclusive Design 24 which is a 24-hour online event only dealing with accessibility and inclusive design. So far I only made it to watch a few talk videos but it was definitely a great event with a lot of good content.

    Apart from that, I dealt with timezones for a project and these are always "fun"... I learned something that still puzzles me. Timezones are not always described with full hours. There is e.g. Indian Standard Time (UTC+05:30) and or the Nepal Time Zone (UTC+05:45). What? 🤣

    Anyways... this month I had four learnings covering a format called MHTML, git and focus handling. Enjoy!

  • aria-selected – when (not) to use it

    Making websites accessible for everybody can be a really tough job especially these days when going for custom markup solutions. I'm happy that the #a11y (short for accessibility) topic gains more and more interest these days. To make your website more accessible you can use WAI-ARIA to provide more semantic information to allow assistive technologies to convey appropriate information to persons with disabilities.